Welcome to the Flatrock-Haw Creek Watershed Project!

Flatrock-Haw Creek Watershed Project

It is now official, the Flatrock-Haw Creek (FRHC) Watershed project has begun! During the course of this three year grant the watershed team will be focusing on implementing Better Management Practices (BMP). These BMPs include reducing sediment and nutrient loading to tributaries and mainstem portions of FRHC Watershed critical subwatersheds, reducing E.coli averages to meet water quality standards, conduct workshops revolving around BMPs including rain gardens, conservation tillage and cover crops, and even storm water management. We will also increase non point source pollution awareness, education, and community involvement.


By the end of the three year period over 500 hours of education will have been effectively completed, reduction in the number of livestock with stream access will have decreased by half, over 300 acres of nutrient management or waste utilization plans will have been created, septic system workshops, field days, and workshops will be held. This will be a very busy three years! Be sure to follow our progress!

~Jenny Whiteside

Watershed Coordinator


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