Contractors, Start Here: 

Starting in 2020, the SWCD will now be in charge of the MS4 program.

See this brochure for Does Your Construction Site Need a Stormwater Permit?

We will be taking in all MS4 and General Construction Permit applications. Contractors will now have to follow a new application process.  Applications can be found HERE.

Inspections will be completed quarterly after the start of the project. (More may be needed if the site is found non-compliant).

There are fees associated with the inspections and the plan review. 

Below are Stormwater Training Videos for Contractors:

Blue is the New Green

Proper Concrete Washout Procedures For Contractors

Stormwater Quality Construction Inspection

Construction BMPs – 1: Site Access and Prep

Construction BMPs – 2: Stormwater Runoff/Run-on

Construction BMPs – 3: Surface Stabilization

Construction BMPs – 4: Outlet Protection & Grade Stabilization

Proper Refueling – Keeping our Waterways Clean

Stormwater Pond Maintenance for Homeowners

Household Hazardous Waste: 

Bartholomew County residents can contact the Bartholomew County Solid Waste Management District with questions about Household Hazardous Waste.




For Any Questions, please contact:

Heather Shireman

785 S Marr Rd

Columbus, IN 47201

812-378-1280 x3

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